Uber and Lyft advertise the experience of a leisurely car ride in the passenger seat as someone else does the driving and delivers you safely to your destination. While this sounds inviting, we sometimes forget that Uber and Lyft drivers face the same risks as any other driver on the road. With rideshare services widely available to commuters, passengers can be involved in an accident and sustain injuries during the collision.

The Popularity of Uber and Lyft
In the 2017-2018 US Safety Report, Uber had about 3.1 million trips per day from passengers using the service. Lyft similarly reported that it had made around 1 million trips per day in the same year. The cause of an accident can range from driver error or a mechanical defect to driving under the influence. Drivers working for rideshare companies are at a higher risk of accidents due to distraction. Uber and Lyft workers are often focused on their phones, scanning for directions, viewing notifications, or looking for their next passenger.

Who is liable?
A driver is considered an independent contractor when working for rideshare organizations and has two types of insurance. The first form of insurance is their personal auto insurance policy, and the second is the Uber or Lyft insurance policy. A driver’s personal auto insurance policy only applies to driving accidents when they are not working for the service, such as on the way to pick up a passenger. When a passenger is in the vehicle, the Uber or Lyft app must actively be in use at the time of the accident. For the rideshare company to be liable, the application must be in use to indicate the driver was working for the rideshare company when the incident occurred. The specifics of whether the application was in use call for careful analysis in understanding who is at fault.

You have just experienced a collision while using a ride share service – what does that mean for you as a passenger?
As a commuter, you may be entitled to compensation for personal injuries and damages experienced while riding in an Uber or Lyft. Attorney William Ogle is a National Board-Certified Trial Specialist prepared to negotiate a settlement or fight in the courtroom for the compensation you deserve.
If you or someone you know has been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, it can be challenging to identify a rideshare company’s liabilities and responsibilities. Please speak with our experienced attorney at Ogle Law, LLC. for a free case review of your Uber or Lyft accident. We have offices in Daytona Beach and Alachua, Florida. Contact Ogle Law by phone at (386) 287-0204 or online at oglelawfirm.com.