William Ogle has successfully handled thousands of automobile injury, slip and fall and medical negligence cases, as well as other prominent cases in the plaintiff litigation practice area. We’ve briefly outlined some of the cases in which we have successfully represented our satisfied clients. They represent a broad spectrum of legal expertise and successful verdicts and recoveries.

Medical Negligence • Emergency Room Medical Negligence:



William Ogle has obtained a total recovery of close to two million dollars ($2,000,000) for our client from a number of local hospitals, for failure to diagnose the patient’s condition in the emergency room.

Personal Injury • Slip and Fall:



William Ogle has obtained numerous recoveries for persons injured by unsafe conditions on commercial property, including close to one million dollars ($1,000,000) for a client who fell on an improperly maintained driveway.

Human Rights Defense • Protection of Children:



Probably the most heart wrenching of the firms cases have involved children who were victimized within respected institutions. William Ogle has been able to obtain, in total, over three million dollars ($3,000,000) in confidential settlements for these victims and in the process, has helped to insure that such tragedies are prevented in the future.

Human Rights Defense • Libel and Slander:



William Ogle has obtained a jury verdict in the amount of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for a professional engineer, when Fortune Magazine wrote an article wrongly accusing him of unsafe practices.

Pharmaceutical Verdict:



Hospital Liability Verdict:


More than $2 million

Pharmaceutical Products Liability • Personal Injury Recovery:

William Ogle successfully convinced a major pharmaceutical company to pay our clients a combined, confidential, out of court, multimillion-dollar settlement. The specific amount of this recovery may not be disclosed at the insistence of the drug company. The firm obtained this settlement because its clients were injured by pharmaceutical products manufactured by the company. This may be the largest single personal injury recovery in the history of Volusia County, Florida.

Medical Malpractice • Failure to Diagnose Breast and Lung Cancers:

William Ogle has obtained numerous substantial confidential recoveries for the families of clients whose cancers were not treated by their doctors as early as they should have been.

Hospital Liability • Hospital Negligence:

William Ogle has recovered a substantial confidential settlement for a child when doctors failed to diagnose a serious infection in the child’s bloodstream. The firm recovered another substantial confidential settlement for a client who was tragically administered the wrong medication in one of our local hospitals.

Product Liability • Automobile Liability:

William Ogle has obtained compensatory and punitive damages for a client who was defrauded by a car dealership in the area that failed to disclose the actual mileage on a used car.

Product Liability • Dangerous Marketing and Manufacturing:

Ogle Law also represents clients in the field of products liability. For example, the firm currently represents a client whose husband died when a medical machine malfunctioned. The manufacturer of the machine had failed to install a simple safety switch which would have prevented this horribly unnecessary loss of life.

Dishonest Sales and Business Practices:

Ogle Law represents consumers, large and small, for damages caused by dishonest or unethical business practices. For example, the firm currently represents the State of Florida in claims alleging that a number of big oil Companies over-billed the state for the clean up of underground storage tanks (USTs).

Personal Injury • Product Liability:

In other cases, the Ogle Law firm represents former smokers in Central Florida who have filed claims against big tobacco companies. These claims involve allegations, based upon previously secret company documents that the companies conspired to mislead the public about the dangers of cigarette smoking, deliberately marketed cigarettes to teens and added nicotine enhancing ammonia to their cigarettes.

Vehicular Death • Institutional Negligence:

These are photographs of a bench placed in the Casements Public Park by the City of Ormond Beach, Florida. The placement of this bench was part of a settlement between the city and a family represented by Ogle Law. After a member of the family was killed in a motorcycle crash near the site of the bench, the family filed suit against the city claiming that the city had not maintained its road in a safe condition. The case was settled and the city agreed to place the bench in the park as a memorial. Ogle Law commends the city for its thoughtfulness and openness in reaching this resolution.

If you think you have been injured due to the fault of someone else or due to a product, please contact me. There is no charge for our evaluation of your potential claim.