We Handle Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Uber and Lyft

Modern ridesharing technology has upgraded the experience of carpooling or calling a cab. The use of smartphones has allowed us to connect with ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber simply by downloading an app or visiting a website. It sounds ideal, as this cultural trend has the potential to decrease traffic congestion in this time of global warming concerns, and it is typically less expensive than traditional taxi service. However, like all automobile drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers can have accidents with passengers in the car. What happens in the event of a car accident while using a rideshare company?

Ridesharing companies, also known as transportation network companies, utilize freelance drivers with their personal vehicles to transport others. The drivers are independent contractors that are allegedly screened by the rideshare company for driving safety and criminal records. Rideshare drivers carry two insurance policies; their personal auto insurance and the company’s rideshare liability policy. When the ridesharing app is inactive, the rideshare company’s insurance does not apply. In the event of an accident, while the rideshare app is in use, there is shared liability between the driver’s auto insurance and the insurance carrier for the rideshare company. This scenario requires a complex layer of analysis in a motor vehicle accident claim in addition to determining the comparative fault of the drivers. Those involved in a motor vehicle accident with a rideshare vehicle should have legal representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer such as William Ogle.

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Attorney William Ogle is a National Board-Certified Trial Specialist. This distinction is the highest level of excellence for competency and experience. Ogle Law has an impressive history of notable settlements and courtroom verdicts. Although most cases are settled out of court, the team at Ogle Law prepares each case and utilizes the necessary resources, as if it will be a formal presentation in a courtroom trial. We can negotiate a settlement or aggressively fight in the courtroom for the compensation that you deserve.

Why do Uber and Lyft Accidents Happen?

There is a myriad of reasons for car accidents, such as driver error, roadway or mechanical defects, weather conditions, or driving under the influence. It is an expectation that Uber or Lyft drivers abide by the laws and drive safely, however, there has been a dramatic increase in car accidents in the rideshare industry due to negligence. Rideshare drivers are often distracted by their phones, receiving notification of new passengers. When arriving at their destination, they may be scanning for passengers instead of looking at the road and they are often in unfamiliar areas, which is especially dangerous at night. Rideshare drivers may be fatigued from driving for many hours, resulting in slower reaction times and an inability to pay attention to the road.

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The evolution and impact of ridesharing have created many complexities in determining liability and the responsibilities of a rideshare company in a motor vehicle accident. Ogle Law, LLC., is devoted to the protection of our client’s rights and we believe in compensation from those responsible for personal injuries and damages. We specialize in giving individualized attention and getting to know our clients so we can communicate the depth of their losses to our adversaries or the jury in a trial. We have offices in Daytona Beach, FL and Gainesville, Florida. Call our law office at (386) 253-2500.