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Although surgeons and operating room staff are highly skilled and trained medical professionals, when they commit a surgical mistake, they are at risk of being liable for medical malpractice. If you or a loved one has been injured during an operation, it is important to seek the advice of a medical malpractice attorney. At The Ogle Law Firm, we represent the right of patients who have been needlessly harmed by their surgeons. In these circumstances, payment of reasonable compensation is due for medical bills and pain and suffering. We will review your circumstances in a free consultation and advise you if you have a valid claim to seek compensation for the harm suffered.

Surgeons are expected to provide medical care consistent to their education, training, and knowledge. Occasionally, surgical errors can occur, such as:

  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Wrong patient
  • Foreign objects left in the body: a surgeon may accidentally leave a scalpel, sponge, wound dressing, or another item inside the patient.
  • Organ or nerve damage: the surgeon may accidentally damage an organ or a nerve.
  • Infection: Poorly sanitized medical equipment may result in the patient developing an infection

It must be proven that the medical error falls below the accepted standard of care and is the direct cause of injury to the patient. Expert testimony is usually required to establish what the applicable standard of care is and how the health care provider’s care fell below that standard.
Complications from Surgical Errors

A surgical error can cause many life-threatening or debilitating complications for the patient, including:

  • Organ damage- Organ damage can be life-threatening and will almost always need additional procedures to repair the damage.
  • Nerve damage- This complication can cause muscle weakness or partial paralysis in the affected area. In some cases, additional surgeries and physical rehabilitation may help patients regain strength.
  • Internal bleeding- Internal bleeding can result from a negligent surgeon. Internal bleeding after a procedure is completed may go undetected until the patient decompensates and can significantly increase the risk of death or severe complications for the patient.
  • Disfigurement-Severe surgical errors can result in the unnecessary amputation of a body part or the amputation of the wrong body part.
  • Disability- lack of oxygen during surgery, overuse of anesthesia, or accidental nerve damage can result in temporary or permanent disability such as paralysis.
  • Death- Each year, many patients die as a result of a preventable surgical error.

Many surgical errors require extensive and ongoing care to treat or correct the mistake. Additional procedures are sometimes required to repair the damage, and this can increase the patient’s risk for infection and developing further complications. Severe injuries can require extended care at home from home health medical professionals. There can be a need for physical therapy to regain motor skills, or cognitive therapy to relearn basic functions, such as speech and eating.

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At Ogle Law Firm, our experienced attorney understands medical malpractice law and regularly consults with medical professionals for case research. These professionals can help determine if a surgical error was the cause of complications suffered by the patient. Our attorney will challenge the insurance companies and the medical professionals involved to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We will seek compensation for your current and future medical expenses. Call our Daytona Beach Office at (386) 253-2500.