This includes the right of everyone to be safe when using the public streets and highways. Eighteen wheel trucks, automobiles, and motorcycles can cause serious injury. That is why we have safety laws. Anyone who injures others by breaking safety laws is responsible to pay compensation for the injuries.

The State of Florida recognizes that automobiles, trucks, and other highway vehicles are dangerous instrumentalities. This simply means that large amounts of metal moving even a slow speed, not to speak at highway speed, have a tremendous capacity to harm. Safety rules such as stoplights, stop signs, and speed limits prevent harm. Drivers who violate these safety rules are legally responsible for the harm they cause.

In dealing with vehicle-related injuries, injured persons have to deal with insurance companies. Usually, these companies are not as friendly and co-operative as their television advertising would lead consumers to believe. At Ogle law, we can stand up to these companies and insist that they pay complete compensation to our injured clients. If they will not pay, our lawyers can and will have the amount set by a fair and impartial jury.