Over the years we have decided at Ogle Law that we would rather handle a small number of hand picked cases that we believe we can win and give unparalleled attention to rather than a large volume of cases that we may or may not be successful with. By specializing in fewer numbers of cases we are able to give each case and you the individual attention and resources that you deserve. If you choose William Ogle to represent your interests and Ogle Law accepts your case, we pledge to give you and your case our highest priority. This process begins with an interview and thorough review of your case. We assist you in clarifying the facts in your case. We then begin preliminary assessment of the facts and develop a determination of whether we believe we have the expertise to represent your case to a successful conclusion. We will then contact you and begin the process of formal representation. For each area of law that Ogle Law practices we have built a legal team that is highly specialized in that area of law. You can see below the Areas of Practice in which we have a high degree of expertise and a track record of success for our clients.