Helping Victims of Medication Errors in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Emergency Room Medical Negligence Lawyer & Hospital Liability Attorney

This includes two kinds of injuries; (a) injuries caused by health care professionals (sometimes called medical malpractice) and (b) injuries caused by hospitals. Today, hospitals and health care professionals have access to complex and potentially dangerous methods of treatment for disease. Surgical and medical devices made to save lives can also injure or even take lives if not operated safely. Hospital and health care professions therefore must follow safety rules which, like traffic rules, keep patients safe. By following medical safety rules, unnecessary injury in the health care system can be avoided. Most health care workers and professions follow the medical safety rules and so unnecessary harm in the health care system is rare. But, if the rules are not followed, then patients can be exposed to needless harm. When this happens, the law requires compensation to be paid to the patient. This is not only fair and just, it makes the health care system safer by bringing light to instances where violation of the medical safety rules has taken place. The process of compensation works by allowing patients to present claims in the civil justice system. At Ogle law, we represent patients who have been needlessly harmed in the heath care or hospital setting. In these circumstances, payment of just and reasonable compensation is what the law requires. Often the amount of payment is reached by agreement. Where the parties cannot agree the amount of compensation is set by a fair and impartial jury. Health care workers and professionals have been known to cover for each other if a case goes to court. However, at Ogle law, we consult with reputable physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators before accepting and prosecuting a case. In cases where these professionals confirm that a medical violation has occurred, our attorneys press for a fair and equitable settlement either by agreement or by jury verdict. Hospitals and health care professions, therefore, carry insurance to cover such losses caused by their violation of medical safety rules.