Institutional Neglect

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This includes the rights of children and others to be protected by institutions or organizations responsible for their safety. Children are often the most vulnerable among us. As parents, we find ourselves having to put the safety of our children into the hands of public institutions such schools, camps, scout groups, and religious organizations. When we do, we have a right to expect these institutions to protect the safety of our children. This can be as simple as performing a background check on the persons who will be with the children. When an institution chooses to place our children into the care of persons who have not be checked out and they harm our children, then the institution can be held responsible for the harm caused. This is not only fair and just, it makes our children safer. Institutions that know they will be held accountable for harm to children caused by their lack of diligence in screening will be more careful. At Ogle law, we represent families whose children have been harmed by the lack of care and safety at their products than to expect consumers or the public to pay for those injuries.