Consumer Rights

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This includes injuries caused by defective and dangerous products such as defective drugs, unsafe foods, and tobacco products.  We live in a country with the largest economy in the world.  Products are manufactured and distributed through a complex system to consumers who cannot test these products for safety before using them.  The law in our country therefore requires manufacturers to be responsible for the products which they place on the market. In past days, a shovel or a wagon could be inspected for flaws or dangerous defects.  Today, it is impractical to expect a consumer to test a drug before taking it.  Even physicians must rely upon testing performed by the drug companies themselves.  With centralized manufacturing, the companies which produce consumer products are best equipped and financed to be responsible for testing the safety of the products they sell.  Therefore if a product is unnecessarily dangerous or defective, and it injures someone who is using the product lawfully, the manufacturer is responsible for the injuries.  Manufacturers are also responsible to know the dangers associated with the products that they sell and to tell their customers about those dangers. It makes much better sense to require manufacturers of products to obtain insurance to cover injuries caused by their products than to expect consumers or the public to pay for those injuries.