Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Florida Personal Injury Case

Choosing a Lawyer: It Matters Who You Choose

At Ogle Law Firm, we are committed to our clients’ best interests and well-being. To best serve our clients, we offer our free case reviews to determine if you have a valid personal injury claim and what your options are. We believe in professionalism and unmatched customer service and employ consistent communication and clarity as the keys to success for our clients.

Occasionally, insurance companies will attempt to cut costs by offering inadequate compensation to victims of personal injury. Sometimes wrongdoers will not acknowledge a wrong that has been committed, or will attempt to find evidence to disqualify the claim or dissuade the jury. It is in these circumstances that the ability to successfully represent a case in court is a necessary skill that we proudly use to the benefit of our clients. Your lawyer should be experienced and prepared for the challenge if a difficult case requires court litigation.

Attorney Ogle is a board-certified Civil Trial Lawyer. Mr. Ogle takes on fewer cases so that he can give his personalized attention to his clients and determine the best strategy for a win. He enjoys getting to know the client as an individual, with their distinct concerns about their case. He knows that their lives have been turned upside down and that they can suffer lifelong pain from their personal injury. Mr. Ogle has refined communication skills that help to convey what victims of personal injury have suffered through and how their lives have changed forever. Attorney Ogle’s trial skills and verbal skills make him an excellent choice for victims of personal injury to choose as their attorney in Florida.

Ogle Law Firm has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases with millions of dollars in verdicts from pharmaceutical products liability, medical negligence, and medical malpractice. In addition, we have also handle slip and falls, human rights defense, and many other areas of personal injury.

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Ogle Law represents clients throughout the entire state of Florida. Attorney Bill Ogle is a national board-certified civil trial specialist. Board certification requires the successful completion of an exam in trial tactics, trial procedure, and trial law, and Bill Ogle has been certified since 1992. Call (386) 253-2500 for our Daytona Beach or Gainesville office to discuss your case.