The Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage


Imagine you are badly injured in a crash that was the other driver’s fault.  You hire a lawyer and you hope you will be adequately compensated for your damages.  Now imagine your surprise and disappointment when you find out that the driver that hit you didn’t have insurance.  Or even if they had insurance, it was such a small amount that it won’t even pay for your medical bills. Unfortunately, we see this happen quite frequently.


One solution is to go after the at-fault driver individually.  File a lawsuit, get a judgment, and then try to collect on the judgment.  The problem here is that unless the at-fault driver is quite wealthy, it is very difficult to actually collect money from an individual, as opposed to insurance companies or large corporations.  Most people out there just don’t have that much money lying around.  Maybe they have some money in their house, but Florida gives something called Homestead protection, which makes it so creditors can’t take a person’s home.


So what’s the better solution? Uninsured motorist coverage.  This is something that you purchase in addition to your standard car insurance.  It costs a bit more but is definitely worth it.  For by having uninsured motorist coverage, or UM, whatever damages that should have been paid by the at-fault driver, will come from your own insurance.  And, don’t worry, it won’t raise your rates. By law, the insurance companies have to give this as an option.  But most people don’t understand the importance of it and decline it, which is what the insurance companies want.  They would prefer not to ensure all of the unknown bad drivers out there.


Don’t take the chance by skimping on this coverage.