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The Ogle Law Promise

100% committed to our clients above all other considerations.

We will do everything it takes to protect and advance the rights of our clients.


William Harrison Ogle, Esq.
William Harrison Ogle, Esq.
Parama K. Liberman, Esq.
Parama K. Liberman, Esq.

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Miranda Clarke
Miranda Clarke

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Our Medical Legal Expertise

Ogle law concentrates much of its efforts in the field of legal medicine and comes by this naturally. Mr. Ogle’s father, a graduate of Columbia Medical School in New York, was a pioneering and highly respected medical doctor in the field of anesthesia. Mr. Ogle’s mother, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, is a registered nurse.

Growing up in the medical community, Mr. Ogle spent many hours in the hospital observing surgeries and other medical procedures. He became familiar with the health care environment and the medical issues and terminology involved. From his mother and father he inherited a commitment and concern for the welfare of patients and their right to the expectation of good medical care. It was natural then that after graduation from law school, Mr. Ogle chose to work in the medical/legal field. In the years since his first medical case in 1982, Mr. Ogle has successfully represented hundreds of medical, hospital, and dental patients.

Daytona Beach & Gainesville Personal Injury Lawyer

If you experienced injuries that were caused by another’s negligence, you may seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Individuals, corporations and others have a duty to exercise reasonable care and caution and to behave in a manner that does not harm others.


Medical Malpractice & Patient’s Rights

Today, hospitals and health care professionals have access to complex and potentially dangerous methods of treatment for disease. Surgical and medical devices made to save lives can also injure or even take lives if not operated safely. Hospital and health care professions therefore must follow safety rules which, like traffic rules, keep patients safe.


Your Public Safety Rights

This includes the right of the public to be safe when shopping or visiting businesses and other public places. It also includes the right to be safe in the public areas of residential property such as apartment complexes, hotels, and condominiums.


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